Boston, MA


Jayden Bai

Video Editing

Jayden is a Sophomore motion/graphic designer. He edits and animates videos to upload to his YouTube channel with over 9k subscribers. He's worked with organizations like Faze and Parallel and has additionally worked with YouTubers with millions of subscribers. He makes anything from trailers to 3D montages of games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. He has the most experience in Adobe products but can work with anything else. He also runs track and debates for his high school teams.

Aashna Gandhi


Aashna is a sophomore and part of the Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate team. She is also part of many clubs such as the Women in Debate club. Passionate about speech and debate, she has won a tournament and has made it to finals, semifinals, and quarterfinals at many other tournaments. Aashna enjoys spending her free time dancing, baking, shopping, reading, and traveling. She is so excited to meet everyone!

Archit Kumar


Archit is a junior and a precalculus student. He has been tutoring kids in various branches of mathematics since 9th grade at the Russian School of Mathematics. He has been involved in several math programs as a student such as the Russian School of Mathematics, his high school's math club, Awesome Math Summer Camp, Idea Math etc. He is thrilled to share his passion of Mathematics with his students. In his spare time, Archit likes to debate, play sports and listen to music. 

Aavedon Paulak Roy

Deaf Culture

Aavedon is a junior and AP US history student. He is a competitor on Lexington's debate team. He is part of several organizations outside of school including being a being a scout in Troop 10 and being a base drummer in his fife and drum core.  Aavedon is an avid disability rights activist. In his off time, Aavedon enjoys a multitudes of activities such as chess and reading.  His favorite TV show is Mr.Robot. 

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