Fairfield, CT


Gene Nieuwoudt

Book Club

Gene is a junior with a love of reading that has led to her taking advanced reading courses, including AP Language, throughout her school career. She is also a member of the Seeds of Peace community, which is an international peacebuilding and leadership development organization. Through S.O.P., Gene has completed a course in facilitating dialogue, and a Harvard Law School clinic in negotiation and mediation. In her free time, Gene loves to read, spend time outdoors, and listen to music.

Emma Goddard


Emma is a high school junior, upcoming AP Computer Science student, and the Intro to HTML course at YPP Fairfield. She has been coding for several years and is a staunch advocate for gender equality within the STEM field, especially after her experiences with female-driven computer programming institutions such as Kode With Klossy and Girls Who Code. In her free time, Emma likes to think of hackathon team names, watch funny YouTube videos, and eat anything in sight.

Sasha Simon


Sasha is a senior and the Youth Passion Project’s Improv instructor. She is the President of her school’s Improv and Acting club and has been studying and practicing improv for six years at Bucks Rock Preforming and Visual Arts Camp. She has recently trained under professionals in New York University’s acting intensive. In her free time, Sasha enjoys collaging, drawing, listening to podcasts, and making jewelry!

Alexa Nakanishi


Alexa is a junior and has been knitting for over 8 years. She often knits hats, blankets, and scarves to donate to charity, and also enjoys giving her creations to friends and family. At school, she is also part of her knitting club. Passionate about the arts in general, Alexa is a major advocate in spreading art education, by teaching and getting younger kids excited about the performing and creative arts.

Morgana McLeod

Story Writing

Morgana is a junior with several years of teaching experience enrolled in AP English for the upcoming school year. She has recently been recognized by a local chapter of the UN for her writing. Not only does she enjoy creative writing and story telling, she also has a passion for music and song writing. She is involved in several youth groups oriented towards social and environmental advocacy, and she is thrilled to be teaching story writing!

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