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Parth Dangore

Human Anatomy

Parth is a junior and is the instructor for Human Anatomy. He has had a deep interest in biology since junior high and is striving to become a surgeon in his future. He has taught chess and tennis to numerous kids for two years and has continued to teach chess this summer over zoom. He has also been involved with the Academic Decathlon team and previously a part of the tennis team in his school. In his free time, he loves to go biking, play pool, and hang out with friends and family.



Human Body Systems

Meghana is a sophomore and is the instructor for the introduction to the human body class. She is the founder of H.O.S.A (health occupation students of America) club at Jordan High School & takes part in the Science Olympiad, she was a state medalist for anatomy & physiology. She is passionate about the health science career field and aspires to become a doctor. Apart from school, Meghana enjoys painting, learning Indian classical dance & music, and playing badminton.

Sonali Garg

Technical Theatre

Sonali is a Technical Theatre Instructor who has been in theatre programs for over 9 years. She loves to operate light and sound boards for stage performances. Apart from participating in theatre, Sonali is part of her high school’s tennis team, the National Honor Society, and fundraises for various charities. In her free time, she enjoys making artwork, writing, and reading books.

Poorvi Govindaraju

Health & Fitness

Poorvi is a sophomore is known as a health and fitness instructor. Growing up, she has been inspired to do sports like track and swimming. She gets the encouragement to stay fit and learn to cook healthy meals from her dad, who is also a marathon runner and one who loves to cook. Outside of working out and cooking, she enjoys spending her time writing, painting, and playing with her younger sister.

Kiyonna Kapoor


Kiyonna is a junior and is a Biology instructor. She is taking AP Biology during her junior year. In addition, Kiyonna is the Public Relations Officer at her Girls in STEM club and FIRST Programs Officer at her robotics club. She has competed and won events related to Biology and Physics when she was a part of her Science Olympiad team. Also, she has 2 years of experience teaching kids 4-14, creating curriculum, and training teachers in courses such as WeDo, EV3, and dance.

Vikram Rao


Vikram is a sophomore and serves as the Geography Instructor. He has been interested in geography from a very young age learning about every corner of the world. He has participated in Geography Bee's and is a Boy Scout currently working towards his Eagle Scout Rank. In his spare time, Vikram enjoys watching sports, playing videogames, and traveling the world with his family.

Ella Ray

Creative Writing

Ella is a sophomore in high school and has been a dedicated writer since she was five years old. She is one of the writers for her school’s literary magazine and has picked up a couple of things from her Journalism I and English I PreAP courses. One of her many works has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She is beyond excited to share her fascination for literature in Creative Writing 201. In her free time, she loves to listen to music and play with her puppy, Duke.

Samhita is a sophomore and teaches crochet for the Youth Passion Project. She has had almost 4 years of experience doing crochet and has crochet many things like Granny squares, stuffed animals, key chains, and sweaters. In her free time, Samhita enjoys playing tennis and the violin, and she also enjoys baking a lot.

Samhita Vemuri


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