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Jada Li

Cartoon and Animé Art

Jada is an incoming sophomore who will be teaching cartoon art. She has been drawing since a very young age, and it is her passion. Jada is also part of several music organizations, namely NAYCO (North American Youth Chinese Orchestra) and SMA (Spread the Music Association), that aim to bring music into the community. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing short stories, and playing music.

Vikram Rao


Vikram is a sophomore and serves as the Geography Instructor. He has been interested in geography from a very young age learning about every corner of the world. He has participated in Geography Bee's and is a Boy Scout currently working towards his Eagle Scout Rank. In his spare time, Vikram enjoys watching sports, playing videogames, and traveling the world with his family.

Sayali Patil

Psychology and Stress

Sayali is a junior and is an instructor for Psychological Stress. Since the beginning of high school, she has become fascinated with how the mind evolves and adapts to its surroundings while also internally developing without one's knowledge. She is a member of her school's JV tennis team and loves volunteering at places that help to better our community, such as the Houston Food Bank. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and biking with her friends.

Kiyonna Kapoor


Kiyonna is a junior and is a Biology instructor. She is taking AP Biology and AP Physics her junior year. In addition, Kiyonna is the Public Relations Officer at her Girls in STEM club and the EV3 and New Teams leader at her robotics club. She has competed and won events related to Biology and Physics when she was a part of her Science Olympiad team. Also, she has 2 years of experience teaching kids 4-14, creating curriculum, and training teachers in courses such as WeDo, EV3, and dance.

Poorvi Govindaraju

Health and Fitness

Poorvi is a sophomore is known as a health and fitness instructor. Growing up, she has been inspired to do sports like track and swimming. She gets the encouragement to stay fit and learn to cook healthy meals from her dad, who is also a marathon runner and one who loves to cook. Outside of working out and cooking, she enjoys spending her time writing, painting, and playing with her younger sister.

Laiba Farooqi


Laiba is a sophomore and serves as an art instructor. She has 4 years of art experience in the school. Laiba has experience in different art mediums such as Painting, Drawing and Colored Pencil. She has competed in different competitions Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Doodle4Google, and was a runner up for youth art month. She is involved in other extracurricular activities such as Cross Country, Track, and Debate. Laiba spends her free time running, biking, and reading.

Sonali Garg

Technical Theatre

Sonali is a junior and a Technical Theatre instructor. She has participated in theatre programs for 9 years and has been involved in numerous school plays as an actor and as part of backstage crews. She has obtained many skills over the years through various theatre classes and now loves to operate light and sound boards for public performances. In her free time, Sonali loves to get creative with her artwork, read books, and write poetry.

Meghana Devarapalli

Human Body Systems

Meghana is a sophomore and is the instructor for the introduction to the human body class. She is the founder of H.O.S.A (health occupation students of America) club at Jordan High School & takes part in the Science Olympiad, she was a state medalist for anatomy & physiology. She is passionate about the health science career field and aspires to become a doctor. Apart from school, Meghana enjoys painting, learning Indian classical dance & music, and playing badminton.

Ujjaini Das


Ujjaini is a high school senior, and is really excited to serve as an art/computer science instructor! She has been an artist for 5 years, using a variety of traditional and digital mediums and building her portfolio online. She additionally leads her FIRST robotics team's programming subgroup, and has worked with professionals from LinkedIn, Amazon, and 1517 through mentorships to build her experience! She is also involved in her community through Girls Who Code, Girl Up, and The Red Journal.

Ruhi Kabarwal


Ruhi is a sophomore and serves as an Taekwondo instructor. She has learned Taekwondo for many years now and is a 1st Degree Purple Stripe Black Belt. Ruhi has attended many Taekwondo competitions and has been a part time teacher at her Martial Arts place. Ruhi enjoys dancing, cooking authentic dishes, and reading in her free time.

Ananya Bhawsinka

Public Speaking, Bollywood Dance

Ananya Bhawsinka is a sophomore  and an instructor in public speaking and Bollywood dance. Having participated in numerous debate competitions and having held many leadership positions- including being president of her school’s FRC Robotics team- she has strengthened and refined her speaking skills. Ananya has taken Bollywood dance lessons since the 3rd grade, and is constantly choreographing and learning new dances. In her free time, she loves to read and play volleyball.

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