Music & Theatre Arts Courses

Introduction to Carnatic Singing


Anisha Arumilli

Section 1: Grades 3-5, Mon, Thurs, 6PM-6:45PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None 

Carnatic Singing is a traditional Indian art form that uses the voice as an instrument to create beautiful music. It combines various aspects of other music styles including western, folk, and film music, and has a system of music similar to the solfege scale. This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to improve their singing ability or learn a new, unique style of music!

Dungeons and Dragons


Sam Cohen

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 6-8, Fri: 4PM-6PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None

In this course we will learn the ins and outs of playing dungeons and dragons, a game all about critical thinking and role play. Students from grades 6-8 will work together to overcome challenges in a fantasy world.

Introduction to Improv 


Sasha Simon

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 6-8, Sat, Sun: 2PM-3PM EDT 
Prerequisites: Space to move around 

Want to improve on confidence and creativity? Practice public speaking and self expression? Let’s improve with improv! In this class we will focus on the art of improv, improving quick thinking and communication skills through various games and activities. See you there!

Introduction to Percussion


Aadit Walia

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Tues, Wed: 5:15PM-6PM EDT 
Prerequisites: Drum Sticks

The Introduction to Percussion course will allow students access to the musical world by introducing students to the basics of music as well as drumming. Topics covered will range from fundamentals like how to hold the stick and strike the drum to higher-level applications of those fundamentals like playing in different time signatures. Every class will include a review of fundamentals alongside new rudiments and fun play along drum tracks.

Songwriting & Recording


Sam Hurwitz

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 5-8, Tues: 5PM -5:45 PM EDT, Sun: 4PM-4:45PM EDT 
Prerequisites: A free music-creation mobile app (preferably GarageBand) and a Gmail account for Google Docs (if you have questions about the app, contact

Songwriting & Recording is the place to turn the melodies in your head into fully-fledged songs. Although you can learn how to play instruments anywhere, songwriting, digital music, and production are hard skills to learn without instruction. In this class, you’ll be guided step-by-step. You will learn prompts and ideas for inspiration, the key to turning your ideas into music, how to use digital software and produce, and more. The class will guide you through the full process of becoming a songwriter.

Stand-Up Comedy


Sam Lippmann

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Wed: 5PM-5:45PM EDT, Sun: 4PM-4:45PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None 

John Mulaney. Ali Wong. Hasan Minhaj. Don’t know who any of those people are? Doesn’t matter. Know every one of their jokes by heart? Awesome. Whether you know nothing about stand-up comedy or watch ten Netflix specials a night, this class is for you! Stand-up Comedy 101 will serve as an introduction to writing and performing stand-up comedy. We will learn how to find funny material, how to shape that material and how to perform that material. Students will create their own stand-up bits and receive feedback on how to improve. By the end, students will hopefully be able to make humorous observations and write their own bits.

Vocal Music and Auditioning


Anjali Schoetz

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 3-6, Tues, Sun: 7:30-8:15PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None

The voice, one of the best instruments in the world! Singing is about passion, expression, and beauty. In this course we will be studying different music genres, the different parts of the voice, vocal technique, auditioning, and more. Everyone has their own beautiful, original voice. In this course we will be getting to know who we are as musicians and performers while also learning vocal technique. 


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