Sciences & Mathematics Courses


Rooted in Health


Molly Gray

Section 1: Grades 1-5, Sun: 6PM-6:45PM EST

Prerequisites: None

Want to learn about sleep and the human body, while having tons of fun? Then this is the class for you! Students will engage in activities such as Kahoot while learning about the human body, sleep, memory, brain activity and much more! 

Introduction to Chemistry


Chetna Mandurai

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Fri: 6PM-6:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

This course will explore the foundational aspects of chemistry. We will learn about the properties of water, different states of matter, the periodic table as well as chemical changes and how they occur. By the end of this course students will gain an appreciation for the subject as well as an scientific understanding of the world around them.

Human Anatomy

Section 1: Grades 3-5, Tues: 8PM-8:45PM EST
Section 2: Grades 6-8, Wed: 4PM-4:45PM EST

Prerequisites: None

This course is designed to ignite interest in the biological field for students and will teach the students the basics of human anatomy for important organs such as the heart, brain, skin, and many more. With the knowledge that the students will gain from this course, they will see how the organs of the human body intricately work together to form a functioning human being.

Biology: Basic Principles

Section 1:Grades 5-8, Wed: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Section 2: Grades 5-8, Sun: 10AM- 10:45AM EST

Prerequisites: None

This is an introductory course of biology taught in an engaging and educative manner. We will cover topics such as evolution, cells, DNA, and other basic principles through a variety of fun activities and group projects.

Introduction to Algebra


Karthik Nuti

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Sat, Sun: 6PM-6:45PM EST 
Prerequisites: None 

The course is designed to help students get a grasp of how to do simple Algebra, a skill that is essential for doing more advanced Algebra work in the future. 

Earth and Environmental Science


Riddha Iyengar

Section 1: Grades, 5-8, Sun: 10AM-10:45AM EST
Prerequisites: None

Are you curious about the world we live in? Then Earth and Environmental science is the course for you. In this course, you will be learning about the Earth's formation, soil, water, wind, rock formations, weather and biodiversity. We will be diving into the prevalent issues today as well as what caused them. You will learn through fun activities such as visiting parks online.

Introduction to Medicine

Feodor Morozov

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Wed: 4PM-4:45PM EST, Sun: 11AM-11:45AM EST
Prerequisites: None

This course will give a general overview of different medical conditions, and we will discuss both the structure and prognosis of these conditions. Students will be able to choose specific conditions they would like to study more in depth. This course is intended to be as student-oriented and hands-on as possible. 

Introduction to Genetics


Jack Glass

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Wed, Sun: 6PM-6:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

During this introductory course, students will learn about the basics of numerous genetic processes that are essential for life on Earth. We will discuss how genetics plays an important role in evolution, and we will touch on the issues surrounding genetic engineering. 

Building the Future 101


Sofie Roux

Section 1: Grades 5-6, Sun: 2PM-2:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

This course explores the science, beauty, and breathtaking scope of architecture. We will see how math, engineering, art, social justice, and sustainability intersect to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. Through journeys into the world’s greatest advances in architecture, free hand sketching, perspective drawing, explorations of form and function,  and model building, students will move from the history to the future of architecture and design. Instant challenges and other team based activities will illustrate how diverse perspectives can unlock the solutions to complex problems. Are you ready to design and build the future?

Competitive Math

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Sun: 2PM EST
Prerequisites: None

This course will teach essential areas of competitive mathematics: algebra, geometry,number theory, and probability. The curriculum will center AMC 8 and MATHCOUNTS content. With the knowledge and problem-solving skills students gain from this course, they will be successful in math competitions and have a better understanding of various math concepts.

Modern Astrophysics


Ethan Kuperman

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Mon: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Prerequisites: Recommended but not required to have taken Youth Passion Project Introduction to Algebra or equivalent; this course assumes pre-algebra background.


This course will focus on a study of topics in general astrophysics. We will learn about a wide range of classical and modern concepts, including star formation and evolution, astrobiology and extraterrestrial life, and cosmology. Students can expect an introduction to single-variable and multivariate equations, graphs, and other algebraic subjects to occasionally describe these subjects. Additionally, we will explore contemporary research, careers in astronomy, and unsolved problems. During this course, students will develop a core understanding of existing paradigms as well as valuable scientific reasoning and analysis skills. Most importantly, students will learn how to process information like a theorist by understanding derivations, relationships, and the interconnectedness of contemporary astrophysical theory.

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