Special Skills Courses

The Art of Baking


Carly Gelles

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 6-8, Mon, Fri: 4:30PM-5:20PM EDT
Prerequisites: None 

Get out your mixing bowls and preheat your oven! This course is designed for anyone interested in learning how to bake anything from a basic chocolate chip cookie to an extravagant fruit tart. In the Art of Baking, students will learn a range of various baking techniques, including how to properly measure ingredients, whip cream, knead dough, and frost a cake to perfection. We will create several new recipes, and students will be able to suggest what they would like to learn how to make. With Carly Gelles, our baking instructor, you will be baking up a storm in no time. Get ready for some delicious treats!

Basics of the Stock Market


Akshay Belhe,

Ankit Devalla

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 6-8, Mon, Wed: 7PM-7:45PM EDT
Prerequisites: None 

Learn the basics of the stock market while playing a virtual stock market game to apply your knowledge and track your progress. The market plays a crucial role in all of our lives whether you know it or not. Themes such as persistence, patience, and discipline are taught in stock trading and these can be applied to everyday life. This course will cover all the basic principles of the stock market including trading, building consistency, and long term portfolios. Additionally, this class will lightly skim the vast world of options trading and review the risk factors that go along. To enroll in this course no prior knowledge is necessary, as we will be developing strategies and skills for stock trading.

Introduction to Chess


Aidan Resnick 

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Tues, Fri: 5PM-5:45PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None 

Chess is a wonderful game that teaches many different life skills. Themes such as problem solving and pattern recognition prominent in chess can be applied to academic subjects such as math and science. This course will cover the basic rules of chess such as how the pieces move, including special moves like castling and promotion. Additionally the course will introduce basic principles of chess such as piece value, piece development, and central control. No prior experience with chess is necessary.

Mobile Filmmaking


Aadil Razack

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Tues, Fri: 7PM-7:45PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None 

If you have ever been interested in creating films, this course is perfect to empower you with the ability to bring your ideas to life. here's no need to buy any expensive equipment; all you need is an iOS or Android device. During this course, you will learn the basics of shot composition, camera movement, lighting, audio, equipment, and video editing. If it sounds overwhelming, don't worry! This course is designed to help anyone with even a beginner-level knowledge of how to use a camera.


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