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Nolan Bansal

Book Club

Nolan is a senior and runs the YPP Book Club. He learned how to read in 1st grade but really only learned to like it in 5th. Since then, he found a love for fantasy, horror, and mystery novels. His favorite book is The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy, although this changes weekly. He also likes to run, cook, play guitar, and build models

Krissh Bhargava


Krissh Bhargava is a sophomore and a programming enthusiast. He has expertise in Python through the University of Michigan and has been coding in Python for over three years. Also passionate about science and mathematics Krissh is a member of the Study of Exceptional Talent at John Hopkins and the New York Math Circle at NYU. In his free time likes to play tennis and hang out with friends.

Curtis Chang


Curtis is a senior and serves as an origami instructor. He has done origami for many years since he was a child, and has learned to design or recreate models from scratch, often spending hours folding a single design. He is a nationally ranked debater and has been successful with math and chemistry olympiads. He is additionally part of organizations such as Students for Refugees or PepTalk debate. During his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Sam Cohen

Dungeons & Dragons

Sam Cohen is a senior and has worked as an instructor with youth passion project for 4 sessions. Sam has an interest in theater and has worked as the stage manager for several shows at the high school. Outside of school, Sam spends his free time playing with his dog Addie and baking. Additionally, he likes to spend time programming games in Unity.

Natalie is a senior and instructs both of the 3D modeling courses. She began learning the program Fusion 360 as a middle schooler, and has since taken several classes on 3D modeling, engineering, carpentry, and product development. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, baking, and spending time with friends.

Natalie Dowd

3D Modeling

Carly Gelles


Carly is a sophomore and has been baking ever since she could walk. Through years of perfecting her recipes, Carly has grown to become a talented chef and baker, as she has trained with professionals at the International Culinary Center. Throughout quarantine, she has been baking for healthcare workers, homeless shelters, neighbors, friends, and family. In her free time, Carly enjoys dancing and learning new languages such as ASL, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Vivian Guo


Vivian Guo is a senior and teaches Introductory Spanish. She has been learning Spanish since elementary school and enjoys reading literary works by Gabriel García Márquez. She is an active member of her school’s debate team and mentors students around the nation through W.in and Peptalk. In her free time, Vivian enjoys eating and listening to the Bobo + Flex podcast.

Sam Hurwitz

Creative Writing, Songwriting & Recording

Sam is a senior and teaches Songwriting and Creative Writing. He is a singer-songwriter who has been writing and performing songs since the age of nine, and has been recording and producing songs since middle school. Sam has won numerous awards for his songwriting and musical performances, as well as writing awards regionally and nationally in the categories of novel writing, poetry, and short story. In his free time he enjoys to write and play music.

Leya is a junior and is passionate about creative writing. She has won awards from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and has a play produced by the Writopia Worldwide Plays Festival. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing video games. 

Leya Ivanov

Creative Writing

Riddha Iyengar

Earth Science & Sustainability, Sanskrit

Riddha is a junior, and loves teaching. In the past she has tutored elementary and middle school grade students in both reading and math. She has completed SAFL course in Sanskrit, and has taken courses in earth science, geology, sustainability, universal and human rights. She has received awards for her writing, music and poems. She is an officer in Habitat for Humanity and the Vice President of Midnight run school clubs. She loves to volunteer in her spare time.

Sam Lippmann

Stand-Up Comedy

Sam is a junior and has performed stand-up comedy since he was ten years old, primarily at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, on the same stage where comedy idols like Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, and Chris Rock have performed. Also passionate about writing, Sam has received awards in the genres of humor, sci-fi, and short fiction. He is thrilled to share his passion in Stand-up 101. In his spare time, Sam likes to read and walk his dog, Murphy Brown.

Minori is a senior and is the instructor for Japanese and Intro to Psychology. She is a member of the international club, has been doing abacus and competitive calculations for over 9 years, and won an award in the All-USA calculation contest in 2019. In her free time, Minori likes to read and draw.

Minori Nakazawa


Aidan Resnick

Chess, Sports Analytics

Aidan is a senior and an aspiring sports analyst. In 2019, he attended the Wharton Moneyball Academy and the Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference, which inspired him to pursue sports analytics. Aidan is currently co-writing a book about sports analytics to inspire young sports analysts. Also, Aidan has played chess in local, state, and national tournaments since 2010. Aside from these passions, Aidan is a dedicated violinist, having attended music festivals and events for many years.

Aanya Schoetz


Aanya is a senior and teaches Philosophy, The Art of Diplomacy, and Analytical Writing. She is currently in the process of publishing her book on the origins of historical international conflict, and is the creator of the “A Nation Divided” documentary. She is also a varsity officer on the speech and debate team. Aanya loves reading, writing poetry, listening to philosophy podcasts, and watching TED talks in her spare time.

Anjali Schoetz

Vocal Music & Auditioning

Anjali is a Freshman and a musician. She has performed lead roles in upwards of 6 musicals and has sung in off-broadway venues all around NYC. She was 1 of 4 students selected to represent her school in the all-county choir for 3 years, and scored a 97% in the level 5 voice nyssma music exam. Additionally, she was a finalist in the school speech contest dramatic interpretation category, and was elected for student government three years in a row. She composes in her spare time.

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