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Fitness & Kung Fu


Ryan Jiang

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 2-6, Tues Thurs: 1PM- 1:45PM, EDT
Prerequisites: None

Fitness and Kung Fu is a class where students can exercise with the instructor. Every class will have a 5 minute warm up to stretch out muscles and prepare students for a workout that is different for every class. Following the workout will be a small Kung Fu lesson that will teach basic movements and combos. Finally, the meeting will end with a stretch to relax and loosen the muscles after the exercise. Students will be able to learn simple workouts to help stay healthy and in shape, and they can learn some basics to Kung Fu, which can help with self defense.

Positive Psychology


Cheryl Zhang

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 5-8, Tues, Fri: 5:30PM- 6:15PM, EDT
Prerequisites: None 

Want to become happier, learn how to like working/studying more, and be able to create your own future? In this course, we will be talking about actual strategies, skills, and mindsets that many adults have never learned about which will give you a huge edge in the future. We will be committing to self-directed journeys, trying out useful techniques, and seeing positive impacts unfold right in front of our eyes. You can take the lessons from this course to literally every aspect of life and be able to continue learning afterwards by yourself.

Social Activism


Simran Ruta

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Sat, Sun: 11AM- 11:45AM, EDT
Prerequisites: None

Interested in politics but not sure how to get involved because of your age? Then join Social Activism! This class will feature two different types of classes per week. One class will foster discussion about current events, both domestic and international. The other class will be an engaging experience for students to learn about how to voice their opinions appropriately, how they can stay politically involved at their age, and different methods of activism.


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