World Languages Courses

Introduction to American Sign Language


Leah Woodward

Section 1: Grades 4-7, Sat, Sun: 5PM-5:45PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None

This course is great for beginners of all ages! Best for those with very little experience with ASL, as we will learn the basics of deaf culture, as well as the alphabet and numbers, and simple conversation signs. This course will be targeted to each student's learning style and interests. ASL is a very visual and hands-on language, so the course is very interactive and exciting. No prerequisites needed; come ready to learn!



Minori Nakazawa

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 3-5, Mon, Thurs: 4PM-4:40PM EDT 
Section 2: Grades 6-8, Mon, Thurs 5PM-5:40 PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None

This course is recommended for students of all levels looking to learn Japanese, from those with no prior experience to those who are fluent and want to improve their skills. Each student will receive material fit for their level of learning, and students may choose to focus on a specific topic such as grammar, listening, and speaking. There are no prerequisites for this course, but it is helpful if you know the Japanese hiragana alphabet. 

Introduction to Mandarin


Nathan Gong

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 1-6, Mon, Thurs: 7PM-7:45PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None

This course is for beginning level speakers of Mandarin, including those with no experiences with the language. Simple sentences, grammar, and listening skills will be some of the basics taught in this course. This course is perfect for those who are interested in learning Mandarin, with no prior knowledge!

Intermediate Sanskrit 


Riddha Iyengar

Section 1: Grades 3-8, Fri, Sun: 3:10PM-3:40PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None

Intermediate Sanskrit is all about grammar. We explore not only present tense, but past and future tenses too. We also learn more vocabulary with fun exercises, as well as a review of the alphabet. Students in this course will learn how to combine letters and write simple sentences on their own. They will also learn all different vibakthi's or tenses. 

Introduction to Spanish


Vivian Guo

(FULL) Section 1: Grades 1-4, Tues, Thurs: 5PM-5:30PM EDT 
Prerequisites: None

This course is great for students with all levels of Spanish, including those with no prior exposure to those wishing to build upon what they have learned in school. The course material is very flexible and will be tailored to each student’s specific needs as the language learning process is highly individualized. Possible focuses include grammar, vocabulary, or conversational skills. In the exceedingly global society we live in today where multilingualism is more crucial than it has ever been, this course will guide students on their journey to mastering a foreign language.


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