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Fundamentals of Pre-algebra


Abeer Sarfraz

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Section 1: Grades: 4-8, Mon 7-7:45 pm EST, Thurs 7-7:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

This course offers students the opportunity to better grasp the concepts taught in pre-algebra through the use of numerical and visual resources. Students will be encouraged to work individually and collaborate with their peers to solve application problems for a wide array of topics, ranging from integers to algebraic age problems. 

Int Algebra

Intro to Meteorology


George Thompson

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Section 1: Grades: 5-7, Fri 7-7:45 pm EST, Sun 7-7:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

This course introduces the tools and concepts used to predict the weather. Through a series of lessons, students will explore severe, tropical, and winter weather, weather technology, and weather safety methods. 

intro meteo

Exploring Number Theory: Principles and Techniques


Alice Kim

Alice Kim - Alice-Nayeon Kim.png

Section 1: Grades: 3-8, Tues 8-8:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

Join our thrilling trip through the world of number theory! On this adventure, we'll dive into the magic of numbers, exploring their traits, patterns, and links. Whether it's looking into prime numbers or uncovering the secrets of how numbers divide, we'll dive deep into the marvels of number theory, finding new insights and views as we go!


Money Matters: The Essentials of Personal Finance


Narayani Joshi

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Section 1: Grades: 6-8, Sat 10-10:45 am EST, Sun 10-10:45 am EST

Prerequisites: none

Embark on a journey to financial literacy with our course, Money Matters: The Essentials of Personal Finance. This introductory course covers the essentials of personal finance, from creating a budget and managing debt to understanding investments and retirement planning. Gain the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions and build a secure future. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refresh your skills, this course is your first step towards financial empowerment.


 Introduction to Education, Inequities, and Advocacy in Healthcare


Alyssa Gin

Profile Picture - Alyssa Gin.jpg

Section 1: Grades: 6-8, Mon 7-7:45 pm EST, Fri 5-5:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

The course will focus on the health inequities, barriers, and issues that continue to prevent our systems in providing our communities accessible healthcare. Specifically, we will learn about the role of education plays in healthcare to break down prejudices, lack of knowledge, and inaccessibility that has a disproportionate impact on marginalized communities.  


Fundamentals of Algebra 1


Ibrokhim Akhrorov

Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 8.25.22 PM - Madina Akhrorova.png

Section 1: Grades 3-8; Thurs 7-7:45pm EST

Prerequisites: none

Explore the basics of algebra in this course! You'll learn about solving equations, graphing lines, and working with systems of equations. Get ready to build a strong foundation in math that you can use in everyday life!

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