Computer Science & Engineering Courses

Introduction to Java


Kinshuk Dasgupta 

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Sat: 6PM-6:45PM EST 
Prerequisites: None 

Are you interested in learning to code but do not have a lot of experience? In this course you are going to learn basic Java, and by the end of the course, you will create a project that showcases all the skills you've learned. 

Introduction to Python

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Tues, Thurs: 4PM-4:45PM EST 
Section 2: Grades 6-8, Wed, Sun: 4PM-4:45PM EST 
Section 3: Grades 5-8, Mon: 6PM-6:45PM EST 
Prerequisites: Recommended to have taken Youth Passion Project Scratch or Java

Python is a widely used programming language used by many of the top companies of the world: Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Disney, IBM, and many others. It's the first stepping stone into exploring the vast world of hard-core coding. Start off with the basics and delve deeper into the language and finish off with a game of your own.

Programming with Scratch


Max Zhang

Section 1: Grades 3-5, Sat: 4PM-4:45PM EST 
Prerequisites: Each student must have a scratch account. One can register here:

This course introduces programming in the form of Scratch. No prior coding knowledge is required.

Game Development in Unity


Prathit Kurup

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Thurs: 5PM-5:45PM EST, Sun: 4PM-4:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None 

In this introductory course, students will learn the fundamentals of designing and creating video games using the Unity game engine. Students will also develop the skills they need to code in C#, a programming language used for creating desktop and web applications. By the end of the course, students will have created their own unique video game.

Intermediate Video Game Design


Zachary Siegel

Section 1: Grades 3-5, Mon, Wed: 6PM-6:45PM EST
Prerequisites: Prior YPP Scratch course or Scratch programming experience


In Intermediate Video Game Design, students will learn to design their very own video games! With a focus on analytical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, we're excited for some unique projects. This course is intended for students with some prior Scratch experience. Please reach out to the instructor with questions whether the level of the class will be appropriate for your student.

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