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Introduction to Biology


Samiya Sahu

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Section 1: Grades: 6-8, Sat 11-11:45 am EST, Sun 11-11:45 EST

Prerequisites: none

This 6-week introductory course to biology will cover all the important topics that there are in biology. The course will include fun projects, games, and hands-on activities to have an appreciation for the role biology has in our daily world. 

Intro to Biology
Intro to Prealgebra

Introduction to Pre-algebra


Ryvaan Das

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Section 1: Grades: 4-6, Sat:6-6:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: Knowledge of math up to the start of 6th-grade curriculum

This course will cover topics that are the foundation of many middle school and high school concepts, such as order of operations, basic number theory, and ratios and proportions.

Intermediate Algebra and Geometry

IMG_20230210_224726_241 - Rania Aboumehdi (1).jpg

Section 1: Grades: 7-9, Wed: 5-5:45 pm, Sat 10-10:45 EST

Prerequisites: Basic algebra knowledge and matter of common figures in geometry

I will be teaching some of the basic thus most important algebra and geometry concepts mostly for high school students and 8th graders.

Int Algebra
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Elementary School Mathematics


Avital Yashayev

88228EB1-522A-4227-9EDD-847B8476E3DB - avital.jpeg

Section 1: Grades: 1-5, Tues: 4-4:45 pm EST, Thurs 4-4:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

Elementary school mathematics will be an introductory course for kids. The topics will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, fractions, decimals, etc. 

elem math

Intro to Meteorology


George Thompson

Cropped Image - George Thompson.jpg

Section 1: Grades: 6-8, Tues 6-6:45 pm EST, Thurs 6-6:45 EST

Prerequisites: none

This course introduces the tools and concepts used to predict the weather. Through a series of lessons, students will explore severe, tropical, and winter weather, weather technology, and weather safety methods. 

intro meteo

Math 1

Jmes - James Wang.jpg
IMG_3166 - minjoon lee.JPG

Section 1: Grades: 6-8, Sun 11-11:45am EST

Prerequisites: none

This course covers a variety of topics that are present in the Pre-Algrebra Curriculum. Topics include fractions, square roots, variable equations, and more.

math 1

Introduction to Python Programming


Ryvaan Das

IMG_9637 - Ryvaan Das.jpeg

Section 1: Grades: 4-6, Fri: 6-6:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

This course will cover introductory programming concepts using the programming language Python. Students will learn how to code in Python and create a culminating project in the final week.

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