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Fundamentals of Algebra 1


Rubie Wang

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Section 1: Grades: 6-8, Sun 7-7:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: This course requires coverage in pre-algebra, or and experience equivalent of such, such as knowledge in basic operations, fractions, exponents, and factors to name a few.

This course will help students build the basics of Algebra to lay a strong foundation for future Algebra and math classes. The topics covered will include those taught in an Algebra 1 class, such as functions, variables, graphing, etc. Students will be able to understand and perform the basic fundamentals of algebra after this course.

Int Algebra

Intro to Meteorology


George Thompson

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Section 1: Grades: 5-7, Fri 7-7:45 pm EST, Sun 7-7:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

This course introduces the tools and concepts used to predict the weather. Through a series of lessons, students will explore severe, tropical, and winter weather, weather technology, and weather safety methods. 

intro meteo
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