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Enrollment Media Release Agreement

1. The purpose of this enrollment media release agreement (hereafter “Agreement”) is to set forth mutual understanding and agreement of a set of guidelines pursuant to which child(ren), as defined below, (hereafter “Student”), if minor(s), under the care of parent(s) and/or guardian(s) (hereafter “Parent”), shall partake in an online course provided by instructor(s) (hereafter “Instructors”) organized by Youth Passion Project Inc., a Delaware Nonprofit Corporation exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under 26 US Code Section 501(c)(3) (hereafter, “The Project”).

2. Student and Parent agree that The Project may produce photographs, video and/or audio recordings of Student or Student’s likeness (hereafter, “Recordings”). Student and Parent give consent for The Project to utilize Recordings in print, video, digital, and internet media. Student and Parent understand Recordings will be the property of The Project and Student will not be compensated for Recordings in any way.

3. Student and Parent expressly agrees that this Agreement is intended to be as broad an inclusive as permitted by the laws of Delaware and that the laws of Delaware shall govern, and the Courts of Delaware shall interpret this Agreement such that if one part of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, said clause shall cease to apply to parties, yet the remaining sections of the agreement shall still be valid. Signatories shall electronically sign to indicate being of sound mind and body, having read and understood the Agreement, and if Student is not emancipated and is under the age of eighteen (18), Parent has agreed to this Agreement on their behalf. All parties not signatories of this Agreement shall not be expected to uphold said Agreements where they are parties to a possible transaction, nor will the breach of Agreement involving non-signatory parties of Agreement be interpreted as violation of said Agreement. The signing of this Agreement shall not nullify any other Agreement between signatories of this agreement. This Agreement shall be consistent with the by-laws of The Project at the date of the signing of this Agreement. A change to the Governances of The Project after the signing of this Agreement shall not affect this Agreement.

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