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Global Leadership

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We are committed to fostering passion in our courses, and our instructors and students are known for their accomplishments, diversity, and desire to create positive change. We deeply value the community that we have built up and hope you will be interested in joining us!


Carly Gelles
Chief Executive Officer 

21961AEC-5A87-4644-B909-C378D02C3789 (1) - Vikram Rao.jpg

Vikram Rao

Chief Operations Officer

unnamed - Angie Zhu.jpg

Angie Zhu

Chief Marketing Officer


Anjali Schoetz

Chief Academic Officer

C4D45041-05B2-402E-BEC3-D00B2BE2AEB4 - Alison Jiang.jpeg

Alison Jiang

Chief Financial Officer


utku - Utku Melemetci.webp

Utku Melemetci

Technology Director

IMG_8209 - Poorvi Govindaraju (1).jpg

Poorvi Govindaraju

Director of Human Resources

IMG_0907 - Ethan Mendoza.jpg

Ethan Mendoza

Human Resources Manager

yppcoverimage - Jack Zimmerman (1).jpg

Jack Zimmerman

Software Engineering Manager

YPP profile - Youth Passion Project Registrar.PNG

Thomas DiLorenzo

Director of Student Services


Max Zhang

Web Development Manager

IMG_4632 - Nikhil Jain.heic

Nikhil Jain

Student Experience Manager


IMG-9292 - Raj Goomber.jpg

Raj Goomber

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

4C37304C-D542-45F8-A026-F0B39C07A598 - Annish Pattani.jpeg

Annish Pattani

Director of Investment Research

Academic Leadership 

IMG_0588 - Sophia Tian.heic

Sophia Tian

Humanities and World Languages Department Chair

IMG-5102 - Feo Morozov.jpg

Feo Morozov

Science and Mathematics Chair

1EB8DE5D-8ECB-4DFA-BA1C-0041FA75753A - Marla Bingcang.jpeg

Marla Bingcang

Arts & Special Skills Department Chair

Marketing Leadership 

IMG_7435 - Keiana Jackson.jpg

Keiana Jackson

Director of Social Media Logistics

IMG_2254 - Janet Liu.HEIC

Janet Liu

Director of Social Media Design

88A4696F-C8F6-4B2D-94D9-FE65538B90A1 - 5808 Minori Sato (1).jpeg

Minori Sato

Public Media and Relations Manager

mrinalini jithendra.png

Mrinalini Jithendra

Marketing Ambassador

namrata jithendra.png

Namrata Jithendra

Marketing Ambassador

Marketing Ambassador Image - Adrianne Nguyen.jpeg

Adrianne Nguyen

Marketing Ambassador

DE305E52-F2E1-43FC-AA86-374430B79F09 - 6712 Kaoruko Naniwa.jpeg

Kaoruko Naniwa 

Marketing Ambassador


Our Instructors

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