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Global Leadership

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We are committed to fostering passion in our courses, and our instructors and students are known for their accomplishments, diversity, and desire to create positive change. We deeply value the community that we have built up and hope you will be interested in joining us!


Anjali Schoetz

Chief Executive Officer 

personal photo - Sophia Tian.heic

Sophia Tian

Chief Operations Officer

IMG-5464 (1) - Feo Morozov.jpg

Feodor Morozov

Chief Academic Officer

89030B82-22D6-4C9B-B968-BD0A348DDB21 - Keiana Jackson.jpeg

Keiana Jackson

Chief Marketing Officer

IMG_4414 - Janet Liu.jpg

Janet Liu

Chief Marketing Officer

IMG_7942 - Dhriti Somas.jpg

Dhriti Somas

Chief of Staff


IMG-0218 - Anish Maddula.jpg

Anish Maddula

Chief Financial Officer

IMG_1366 - Alok Rao.jpeg

Alok Rao

Chief Financial Planning Director

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 10.52.15 AM - Sritha Neeli.png

Sritha Neeli

Financial Planning Director

FullSizeRender - Ryan Sestak.jpg

Ryan Sestak

Financial Planning Director

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 5.15.16 PM - Harsha Sigatapu.png

Harsha Sigatapu

Financial Planning Director


IMG_4736 - Jack Zimmerman.jpg

Jack Zimmerman

Director of Technology

IMG_1966 - Manitej Boorgu.jpeg

Manitej Boorgu

Software Engineering Manager

IMG_0100 - Natalie Nudelman.jpeg

Natalie Nudelman

Director of Human Resources


Eesha Kodavatikanti

Student Experience Director


Our Instructors

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