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We are committed to fostering passion in our courses, and our instructors and students are known for their accomplishments, diversity, and desire to create positive change. We deeply value the community that we have built up and hope you will be interested in joining us!

Zachary Siegel
President of the Youth Passion Project

Aanya Schoetz

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Arjun Chopra

Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Curtis Chang

Director of Technology

Carly Gelles

Director of Public & Media Relations

Sam Singer

Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

Arshia Shaik

Vice President & Chief Expansion Officer

Bethany Chow

Director of Social Media

Karen Lee

Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Ashlee Tan

Director of Hiring & Registration

Ava Vernor

Director of Recruitment

Chapter Leadership


Vivian Guo

Westchester Co-President

Sam Hurwitz

Westchester Co-President

Mrinalini Jithendra

Katy Co-President

Namrata Jithendra

Houston Co-President

Nevin Gera

Dallas President

Eva Marder

Fairfield President

Christian Han

Boston Co-President

Arun Kodumuru

Boston Co-President

Kayden Singh

Vancouver President

Nandana Varma

Cook County President

Robyn An

Seoul President

Yeonwoo Sim

Tokyo President

Karan Shah

Houston President

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