Open Positions

We are currently recruiting!

On this page you will find a list of open leadership and instructor positions. You can contact us with any questions.



Our 100+ Instructors teach unique content to students in elementary and middle school. More than just a working group, our instructors form communities devoted to passion and excellent teaching. Instructors can teach pre-existing classes or join to develop new ones.



Chapter Presidents lead groups of Project instructors called Chapters throughout the world. They are responsible for recruiting and managing instructors and expanding within their areas. Currently, we are accepting applications for Chapter President roles in any area where a Chapter does not currently exist.


Manager of Public Media & Relations


Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager  is responsible for assisting in the Youth Passion Project’s Human Resources, reporting to the Director of Human Resources & Selection.

Software Engineer Manager

 As software engineering manager, you will be working on our new web portal. The web portal is built with React and Typescript so experience in both is required. Additionally, we use Firebase as our authentication and database solution, so you should also know how to work with it. Finally, we use Tailwind CSS for our styling, so experience with it is preferred, but not required as it’s not too difficult to pick up.

Web Development Manager

As web development manager, you will be working on improving our primary website and hooking it into our database. You should be good with web design, but should also be ready to work with live data from our Firebase database.