Humanities & Social Sciences Courses

Harry Potter Book Club


Amrutha Nandakumar, Audrey Lin

Section 1: Grades 4-7, Wed: 7PM-7:45PM EST (FULL) 
Prerequisites: Must have read the first book of the Harry Potter series 

Escape the boring reality of everyday life with this course that takes a deep dive into the magical world of Harry Potter! Students in this course will get a chance to discuss the books and their underlying messages and themes, while learning new and interesting information about the story and its origin. The class will be largely student driven, giving them the opportunity to take a closer dive into what they find interesting, while also having a learning component where they will get to find out more about the series. The hope is that they will get a chance to discover just what makes the stories so magical, and leave with a love of the magical world of Harry Potter that will last a lifetime.

Creative Writing


Leya Ivanov

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Mon, Tues: 4PM-4:45PM EST (FULL)
Prerequisites: None

Do you have a story that you’re dying to tell? Whether it be a simple poem or a wacky fantasy story, everything is possible through creative writing. Anything you can imagine can become a reality with a few words. The Creative Writing class will give you a space to explore this passion. Scarsdale Schools have few spaces to let your stories shine, and here you can let your imagination flow. You’ll also receive instructor feedback, partake in fun writing exercises, and more.

Intermediate Creative Writing


Ella Ray

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Fri: 6PM-6:45PM EST (FULL)
Prerequisites: None

Did you know writer’s block is considered to be completely normal? In this course, we’ll learn how to use these “blocks” to help “unlock” our creative potential. We will work together by completing fun warmups, working with figurative language, and participating in group activities that focus on storytelling with sensory details. 

Learning About Deaf Culture 


Aavedon Paulak Roy 

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Tues: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Section 2: Grades 5-8, Thurs: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Deaf culture. In this course we will go through a multitude of topics like, what it means to be Deaf, Deaf history traditions and customs, the intersectionality of Deaf culture, social model of Disability and a basic understanding of ASL. 

Basics of Debate 


Aashna Gandhi

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Mon: 7PM-7:45PM EST (FULL)
Prerequisites: None

In this course, you will learn about a variety of basic skills in debate that are applicable if you want to pursue debate further and also in the world of business. From learning the structure of an argument to critical thinking skills to debating real-world issues, these sessions will spark your interest with fun activities and lectures.

Introduction to Economics 


Anushka Kumar,
Krutin Devesh

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Mon: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

How did the world suddenly become so interconnected? This beginner's economics course will attempt to teach students how to answer this and other timely questions for themselves, starting from the history of economic systems and to the state of current international economic policies. Students will be given an opportunity to discuss and work on projects with each other to analyze foundational concepts and develop arguments surrounding it.

Geography Around the World 


Vikram Rao

Section 1: Grades 3-6, Tues: 6PM-6:45PM EST (FULL) 
Prerequisites: None

What's the capital of Indonesia? Where is Mt. Kilimanjaro? In this course, we will be exploring the people and the places that exist all around the globe from countries to cultures. You will be learning about every continent, its countries, and interesting facts about the place. We will accomplish all this through maps and games while having lots of fun. By the end, you will have an idea of what goes on in this very fascinating world we live in.

Basics of the Stock Market 


Akshay Belhe,
Ankit Devalla

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Mon: 7PM-7:45PM EST (FULL)
Prerequisites: None

Learn the basics of the stock market while playing a virtual stock market game to apply your knowledge and track your progress. The market plays a crucial role in all of our lives whether you know it or not. Themes such as persistence, patience, and discipline are taught in stock trading and these can be applied to everyday life. This course will cover all the basic principles of the stock market including trading, building consistency, and long term portfolios. Additionally, this class will lightly skim the vast world of options trading and review the risk factors that go along. To enroll in this course no prior knowledge is necessary, as we will be developing strategies and skills for stock trading.

Story Writing 


Morgana McLeod

Section 1: Grades 5-6, Fri: 4PM-4:45PM EST (FULL)

Prerequisites: None

An introductory story writing course meant for engaged young children. In this class, we will investigate the process of creating an artful story through plot, voice, and characters. We will dissect the process of writing through class discussion and individual attention.

US Civics and American Government


Kaila Hall

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Sat: 6PM-6:45PM EST 
Prerequisites: None

Interested in learning about the creation of the United States and the foundation of the American Government? If so, this is the course for you! In this class, we will learn about the Revolutionary War, explore an overview of the Constitution, and discuss the essential structure of the American Government. Additionally, we will engage in a variety of fun and interactive projects. If this sparks your curiosity, I look forward to meeting you in class!

Hunger Games Writing Analysis


Shreya Lokhande

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Mon, Fri: 6PM-6:30PM EST

Prerequisites: Recommended to at least read the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy before joining
If you enjoy the Hunger Games and writing, this is a course for you! In this course we are going to analyze the various different writing techniques that Author Suzanne Collins uses in her books, and how they impact the story and other stories around us. It is recommended to at least read the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy before joining. 


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