Humanities & Social Sciences Courses

Activism 101


Aaliyah Ali

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Thurs: 6PM-6:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

This course is meant to encourage and foster respectful discussions amongst students of all age levels surrounding social injustices and the political events of today. Students will be encouraged to explore their own capabilities in creating a change in their own community while analyzing activism in its different forms. This course is highly recommended to anyone looking to become a more socially aware member of society. 

Introduction to Creative Writing

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Fri: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Section 2: Grades 1-5, Tues: 5PM-5:45PM EST
Section 3: Grades 5-8, Mon, Tues: 4PM-4:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

Do you have a story that you’re dying to tell? Whether it be a simple poem or a wacky fantasy story, everything is possible through creative writing. This introductory course will focus on the key elements of storytelling, grammar, and revising rough drafts of prose. We will examine excerpts from real authors and learn to read like writers. Students will be encouraged to stretch their imaginations as they improve their general writing abilities.

Introduction to Debate


Aanya Ghosh

Section 1: Grades 4-8, Mon, Thurs: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

This course serves as an introduction to debate and argumentation. Students will explore a variety of core concepts, key techniques, and various applications of debating. By the end of the course, students will have participated in several in-class speech activities with their peers to demonstrate what they have learned. 

Grammar/Writing Skills 


Ayan Imanova

Section 1: Grades 2-6, Fri: 5PM-5:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

Want to improve your writing skills? Then this is the course for you! Grammar/Writing is an engaging, enlightening course that has everything you need in order to enhance your grammar skills and writing techniques! This course is guaranteed to aid you in improving the quality of your essays, with helpful lessons, exercises, examples, and activities.

Harry Potter Book Club

Section 1: Grades 5-7, Mon: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Prerequisites: Having read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is highly recommended.


Escape the reality of everyday life and take a deep dive into the magical world of Harry Potter! Students in this course will get a chance to discuss the books and their underlying messages and themes, while learning new and interesting information about the story and its origin. The class will be largely student driven, giving them the opportunity to take a closer dive into what they find interesting, while also learning more about the series in general. They will get a chance to discover what makes the stories so magical, and leave with a long-lasting love for the world of Harry Potter!

Introduction to Logic


Ayan Khan

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Tues: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Section 2: Grades 5-8, Thurs: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

This course is an introduction to logic and logical thinking, covering both informal and formal patterns of reasoning. This course will cover the basics of logical thinking, general critical thinking, and informal fallacies. Students can expect to solve riddles, analyze arguments, and engage in class discussion. By the end of the course students will gain an understanding of logic and explore its applications– in math, science, business, law, etc.

Introduction to Psychology


Alex Lee

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Fri: 8PM-8:45PM EST, Sun: 1PM-1:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

Why do we behave the way we do in front of people? Are memories reliable? How do we judge things from a moral standpoint? Introduction to Psychology offers a broad, interactive overview of leading concepts in the field of psychology. Students will learn why psychology is truly one of the most thrilling sciences.

Basics of the Stock Market

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Mon: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None


In this course, students will learn the basics of the stock market while playing a virtual stock market game to apply their knowledge and track their progress. The market plays a crucial role in all of our lives. Themes such as persistence, patience, and discipline will be taught through stock trading, and these values can be applied to everyday life. This course will cover all the basic principles of the stock market including trading, building consistency, and long term portfolios. Additionally, this class will lightly skim the vast world of trading and review the risk factors that are associated with the stock market. 

Story Writing


Morgana McLeod

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Fri: 4PM-4:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

This introductory story writing course meant for younger students interested in creating their own stories! In this class, we will investigate the process of creating an artful story through plot, voice, and characters. We will dissect the process of writing through class discussions and each student will receive individual feedback.

US Civics and American Government


Kaila Hall

Section 1: Grades 5-8, Sat: 6PM-6:45PM EST
Prerequisites: None

Interested in learning about the creation of the United States and the foundation of the American Government? If so, this is the course for you! In this class, we will learn about the Revolutionary War, explore an overview of the Constitution, and discuss the essential structure of the American Government. Additionally, we will engage in a variety of fun and interactive projects. If this sparks your curiosity, I look forward to meeting you in class!

US Constitution and Politics 


Lulu Jiang

Section 1: Grades 6-8, Tues, Wed: 7PM-7:45PM EST
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of US history

In this course, students will learn about the foundational principles of American politics and the U.S. Constitution. We will also explore how race and immigration shape political identities. Learning these core values will provide a broad framework for understanding new and enduring issues in modern American politics. 

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