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Ethics 101

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Section 1: Grades 2-9, Mon 8-8:45 pm, Sat 4-4:45 pm  EST

Prerequisites: none

Ethics 101 is an introductory course to all things Ethics. We will dive into morals, values, right and wrong, but most importantly you will formulate your own ideas about ethics!


Introduction to Lincoln-Douglas Debate


Eve Parrott

IMG-1486 - Eve Parrott.jpg

Section 1: Grades: 5-8, Tues 6-6:45pm EST

Prerequisites: none

Lincoln-Douglas (LD) is a one-on-one competitive debate style often practiced at the high/middle school level. It's known for its focus on logic, ethics, and philosophy, providing a framework with which to present research on current events. In this course, students would be introduced to competition on the LD circuit with instruction on finding, presenting, and framing evidence.

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