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New Chapter Portal


Selecting Instructors

  1. Form a list of 25 people who would make good instructors. From the list, highlight around 5-8 candidates who might make strong interviewers. Get your list approved by Aanya and Arshia and then reach out to the candidates.

  2. Work with the Director of Hiring to schedule the interviews for candidates who will serve as interviewers. At least 1 global leadership member should be present at these interviews. Find more information about interviews here.

  3. Work with the global team to select the interviewers. Publicize your instructors to your community. Work with your interview panelists to interview all of your 20+ other instructor candidates.

  4. After interviews are over, meet with the appropriate Human Resources & Selection Subcommittee to select instructors. Selected instructors should be sent the link to the instructor portal on the website.

First Steps for Your Instructors

  1. Ensure instructors submit the Course Proposal Form on time with all of the details about their course. Submitting this form on time and correctly is critical to a successful enrollment process.

  2. Work with the Marketing Office to ensure instructors publicize the Chapter and submit the rest of the required forms. Suggestions for publicity can be found here

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