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Intro to Entrpreneurship
art and design

Art and Design


Yutong Deng

IMG_8955 - Yutong.JPG

Section 1: Grades: 3-8, Sat 11-11:45 am EST

Prerequisites: none

Art is a way to express yourself, and I hope more people can enjoy art. I hope to teach them different artistic concepts and some basic art forms.

Registration Closed

Dance and Creative Movement


Natalie Nudelman

IMG_0100 - Natalie Nudelman.jpeg

Section 1: Grades: 2-5, Fri 4-4:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

A mixed-level exploration of various dance and movement styles, including an introduction to classical as well as modern forms of dance. Each class will consist of a warm-up, a new combination, and a fun creative movement activity.

Introduction to Baking


Amanda Gorrin

IMG_8697 - Amanda Gorrin_edited.jpg

Section 1: Grades: 4-8, Sun 7-7:45 pm EST

Prerequisites: none

In this introductory course, we will be baking a variety of desserts ranging from chocolate crinkle cookies to cookie brownie bars to apple cider donuts. You will learn a variety of different and new baking techniques as well as many delicious recipes that we will be making together!

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