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Free online courses, taught by high school students, to foster the passions of younger learners.

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The Youth Passion Project was first created to make use of the free time in people’s schedules during COVID-19. We believe that students should always have the opportunity to explore new topics of interest that they cannot learn in most school settings.


Our goal is to provide these opportunities to those with a love for learning, while also allowing high school students to share their passions with others.


We offer free, online courses taught by high schoolers to encourage younger students to expand and supplement their learning. Our large variety of classes range from Songwriting to Introduction to Coding in Java. 




Instructional Classes

Our classes are taught on the Zoom video chat program. Students can raise their hands with questions, see the screens of their instructors for sample problems, and use the interactive whiteboard.

All instructors take security precautions to protect Zoom meetings, which include manually approving verified students into the meeting room.

Classes generally range from an half an hour to an hour long, and typically meet twice a week. Some classes may have multiple sections to ensure maximal availability to students.


All of our classes, whether they be to improve schoolwork or teach new ideas, emphasize the importance of practice and commitment.

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