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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

General Questions

Q: How do I join the Youth Passion Project?
A: We’re always looking for new instructors and leadership to join our collaborative, diverse, & talented team! We highly encourage you to apply for a position at Currently, application forms are open to join as an Instructor or as a part of our leadership team. If you are looking to join our in-person team in Katy or Northvale, please reach out to your regional coordinator.

Q: How does the application process work?

A: To apply, all you need to do is answer a few brief questions in a Google Form, and we’ll reach out to schedule a Zoom interview. We're excited to meet you!

Q: I filled out the application form. What’s next?
A: We’ve received your application and are in the process of reviewing it. As long as you received a confirmation email (it may have gone to spam), we have your application. You’ll need to complete an application interview and should hear from us at some point to schedule that. If you don’t hear from someone within two weeks of applying, please contact us, mentioning your full name and the position you applied for.

Q: Who are the interviewers? What is the purpose of the interview?
A: Applications and interviews are managed by our Human Resources Office. Each application is reviewed by at least two and often more individuals. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you: we care immensely about who you are and how you would contribute to our community. You’ll also have the chance to get to know the Youth Passion Project better, and ask us any questions you may have.

Q: What happens after the interview?
A: After your interview, your application will be reviewed by our Human Resources Office. Within two weeks after the interview, you should receive our decision on your application. Only decisions communicated by a member of the Human Resources Office represent official selection decisions of the Youth Passion Project.

Prospective Instructors

Prospective Instructors

Q: What do I need to do if I am applying as an instructor?
A: We highly recommend that you come to your interview with a rudimentary plan or outline of your course. It does not need to be fully fleshed out or completed, but it is often very helpful to us and to you to have an idea of what content you would cover and how.

Q: What makes a great instructor applicant?
A: There is no formula for a great instructor. But on the whole, we are looking for people who are passionate, experienced, devoted, professional, organized, personable, and prepared. That said, a very wide range of people have been offered instructor positions at the Project: in fact, one of the Youth Passion Project’s greatest strengths is the wide variety of talents, personalities, experiences, and points of view in our over 100 instructors. If you are in doubt, we implore you to apply! We will consider you individually, seriously, and holistically.

Q: What type of course should I propose teaching?
A: In our opinion, the best candidates bring courses that they are truly passionate about but can also teach in an online setting. This means that you should have real experience and devotion for your subject area, but should also be able to devise a way to teach it to students via Zoom. For our in-person offerings, your course should be interactive and take advantage of being in a physical setting. If you put effort and time into developing your idea, we promise that will show.


Q: What does it mean that my instructor application was provisionally accepted?
A: We’d love for you to join our team! However, we do need you to make a change to your curriculum for your course or something else as specified in the email with your decision. Assuming you can successfully make this change, we welcome you to our community with open arms.

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