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Currently, we are depending on some of our high school volunteers to pay out of pocket in order to keep our project running. Your 100% tax deductible donations will help grow our project by ensuring a broad set of courses that are available to all students and expanding into new communities. 


As a 501(c)(3) exempt non-profit, we issue regular reports detailing how our funds are used. Unlike many other charities with large overhead costs, the Youth Passion Project never uses donated funds to compensate or pay our leadership or faculty.

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Once your donation is processed, you will be emailed a CWA (contemporaneous written acknowledgement) of your donation for your tax filings. You will also be given the option to have your name featured on our website; until then, your donation will remain anonymous. 

A Message from the Team

Hi everyone, we’re the Youth Passion Project! 


The Youth Passion Project is a free educational resource run by high schoolers that provides learning opportunities through Zoom for young students all over the world. When the COVID-19 lockdown first started back in March 2020, we gathered to create this platform to spread their passions in hopes of giving younger students a fulfilling learning experience. 


Our course list was small at first: Origami, Scratch, Creative Writing, and Spanish. With each addition of a new course, more high schoolers chimed in about what they wanted to teach. Now, thanks to our dedicated team of instructors, we offer a variety of courses including 3D Modeling, Baking, Stand-up Comedy, and so much more. 


What started as a local project transformed into something bigger than we ever imagined. With over 100 volunteers, we plan on keeping our courses free of charge now and always. Our instructors and global team members have put in thousands of hours to keep our project up and running for more students to come.


We want to make education accessible to any student in any part of the world. We believe in the importance of maintaining deep and communal connections between our instructors and students. 

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