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Courses & Registration

Courses & Registration

Registration for Session 16 is closed.

What are Class Packages?

Class Packages are a new opportunity offered by the Youth Passion Project where students will be able to participate in multiple different classes of the same theme throughout the six-week session. Students will be switching instructors and classes every week or few weeks according to the schedule of their respective package. This enables students to experience varying subjects of classes under the same genre to understand and appreciate the topic and its capabilities. Please read the fine print of every package as the duration and the number of iterations of a class depends on the selected package. Contact us at with further questions.

Course Schedule Information:

Session 16

Registration opens 2/27/2023

Registration closes 3/27/2023

Courses run from 4/3/2023 to 5/15/2023

Having trouble? If you have questions about courses or need assistance with your enrollment or registration, please visit our FAQs or contact us. Our Enrollment staff will be happy to help you out!

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