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Updated: Jul 11

July 2024

Dear YPP Family and Friends,

In this month's newsletter, we’ll introduce the new session schedule that we will be implementing, give an update on the Chapter President position, and our Instructor of the Month! Once again, to ensure you're up-to-date with our organization, please make sure to join our mailing list to be notified whenever a newsletter is published or if we have any other exciting updates!

Join the mailing list at, scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up using your email!

Additionally, if your child has participated in a course during Session 20, please make sure to fill out the form below. This feedback will help us improve our courses in the future!

Session Calendar + New Schedule Initiative

We have recently decided to remodel the session schedule for the upcoming year. Session 21 will start on August 25th and continue until October 26th (9 weeks long). 

Get ready for lots of new online classes as well as engaging in-person classes which will be posted on the website shortly. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Starting in Session 22, we will be implementing a new ‘Module’ system, where one Module will be 3 weeks long, and instructors will be able to choose how many modules they wish for their course to span, with max being 4 modules (12 weeks). Sessions will be made up of two Modules (6 weeks), and this is when registration for upcoming classes will be open. 

We will be putting all of this information in a shared calendar which you will be able to access through the website. Make sure to use the website to stay updated on all our new changes and upcoming classes!

Chapter Presidents

Now for an update on the new leadership position available, Chapter Presidents. Since we recently started recruiting for the Chapter President position, we have acquired 8 Chapter Presidents. Starting with session 21, we will be offering in-person classes in Scarsdale, NY; Edison, NJ; Richmond, Canada; Frisco, TX; Graham, NC; Orland, FL; Houston, TX; and Randolph, MA. We hope to expand more and gain Chapter Presidents all over!

Once again, Chapter Presidents will be in charge of their community of in-person instructors, classroom management, and also be in close contact with the instructors they oversee. This is a great opportunity to get involved with YPP on a deeper level since our Chapter Presidents will be directly working with our leadership team to help expand our organization and strategize. Applications for these positions are open to all interested high school students! 

Want to join YPP as a Chapter President? Apply HERE!

Monthly Shoutout

This month’s instructor shoutout goes to …
Abeer Sarfraz, Instructor of Fundamentals of Pre-Algebra

Brief update on how your class went! What are some highlights of this last session?

“My classes this session went incredibly well! The students were well-engaged in all of the activities, because I prepared interactive slideshows, live demonstrations and Kahoot games for them to consolidate their understanding. I found that this approach ensured that the concepts were well-understood by everyone, and I was able to provide one-on-one assistance to students that required additional support. By the end of the session, we established a supportive community that grew both academically and emotionally!”

Abeer Sarfraz, thank you for being a part of the Youth Passion Project community and we can’t wait to watch you thrive in Session 21!

You are all caught up! 

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any updates, concerns, or questions that you would like to share with the organization, please feel free to email us at

Remember to keep up with us on Social Media!

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Support Us!

As we have continued to grow nationally and globally, some of our high schoolers have been paying out of pocket for the expansion and maintenance of our project. Your donations are 100% tax deductible and help keep our mission and organization alive—ensuring accessible education to young students all over the world!

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