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The Youth Passion Project Times: Session 12

Session 12 Highlights

We are so excited to announce another successful session 12! With a total of 180 spots in 15 different classes, we have registered over 191 students! These students are from across the globe, marking off one new state and two new countries off of our global map. This session we have students from the US, Nigeria, Canada, Philippines, and Malaysia! We are so excited to see this map grow. If you would like to be a part of YPP’s Marketing team to help spread YPP to the world, please reach out to Angie Zhu,

Important Announcements

Session 12 Wrap Up Zoom!

We have officially implemented a post session registration team bonding night! In a way to not only celebrate but also relax from the session registration period, we are hosting game nights after every session. Keep an eye out for these messages next session to join us!

Open Positions!

Looking to showcase one of your skills? The Project has many open positions on the global team, pertaining to many skills! These positions include[s]: Software Engineering Manager, Web Development Manager, Director of Public Media & Relations, Financial Planning Director, and Marketing Ambassadors. If you or someone you know may be interested, please apply on our website.

Instructor of the Month

The instructor of the month is Riddha Iyengar! Congrats Riddha!

Riddha teaches Earth and Environmental Science at the Youth Passion Project and has been with us since the very start. Her classes have always received great feedback, session after session. Carly Gelles, the Chief Operations Officer, who has worked with Riddha before states that Riddha “has been a loyal YPP instructor basically since we started”. We are so lucky to have Riddha on our team!

You are all caught up! Thank you for reading! If you have any updates that you would like to share with the organization, email us at

Remember to keep up with us on Social Media!

Instagram @theyouthpassionproject

Twitter @PassionYouth

TikTok @youthpassionproject

Support Us! As we have continued to grow nationally and globally, some of our high schoolers have been paying out of pocket for the expansion and maintenance of our project. Your donations are 100% tax deductible and help keep our mission alive—ensuring accessible education to young students all over the world. For more information, please click the link below.

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